I feel like I might take a break from elaborate cooking for a while. Like, maybe a day or two.

– R


Garlicky White Pizza with Zucchini and Squash Blossoms + Hot.


We have finally come to that time of year in the swampy DC area when most of us choose to subsist on salads, cold sandwiches, and icy, boozy beverages to distract ourselves from the fact that many of us don’t have access to a swimming pool. And then some of us decide, after our air conditioning breaks for the umpteenth time in our tiny top floor apartment in a poorly insulated building, that we absolutely, right now, this instant, must try out an original pizza recipe.

For which we must turn on the oven.  Continue reading

UnArchives: Unexpected Snow Day + Broccoli Rabe Grilled Cheese

An extremely outdated post that I never finished until today, but will post here anyway, because seriously, who doesn’t like grilled cheese:

Sometimes you have a rough couple of weeks, and then the universe throws you a bone. Like this morning, for example. I awoke to the news that my district was closed for a snow day. I looked out the window and saw not even a speck of snow on the ground outside.

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Garden Pot Watch, Week 1

It’s still there!  Rather water-logged after the continual rain we’ve been getting, but still there.  R just snipped some rosemary for some drink that involved gin and watermelon (YES!) and I’ve been bringing in basil leaves just to crush them between my fingers.  Maybe one of these days we’ll remember to take a picture when it’s sunny.