Murdering Plant Murderers

Apparently it is possible to kill mint.


Garden Pot Update

In case anyone was wondering, the perennials in the garden pot successfully wintered over in my mother’s care. I declined to take them back, but do now have a small mint pot growing out of the cat’s reach by the sink. Supposedly mint is nearly impossible to kill, even when you want to, so perhaps we have a plant up to the challenge of Apt. 2.

Garden Pot Watch, Week 4

If you’ve been wondering if we actually killed the herb pot and that was why we haven’t updated, we have not.  Yet.  The basil is rapidly fading, which is too bad, but the parsley, rosemary, thyme and sage still seem happy.  Next week they’ll probably go to my mom’s for a check up (she’s a Master Gardener).  I think we can move them in to one of the shelves in the kitchen (assuming I can hide them from the cat), so that might be a thing.  I’ve also been inspired to attempt to keep mint, which grows like a weed (at least for my mom) ever since bring home a bundle of it for the party.  My car smelled SO GOOD, and green things always help purify the air.

Garden Pot Watch, Week 1

It’s still there!  Rather water-logged after the continual rain we’ve been getting, but still there.  R just snipped some rosemary for some drink that involved gin and watermelon (YES!) and I’ve been bringing in basil leaves just to crush them between my fingers.  Maybe one of these days we’ll remember to take a picture when it’s sunny.

Garden Pot Watch, Day 0

R: “I bought something exciting!”
M: “Did you buy a plant?!”
R: “I bought a garden pot! It has [list of delicious herbs]!”
M: “Does it come with instructions?”
R: “No, but she [the seller at the farmer’s market] said I should [vague list of instructions].”
M: “I’ll call my mom.”
R: “Good idea.”

And thus began Garden Pot Watch 2012. To say the denizens of Apt 2 have a complicated relationship with plants would perhaps be overly positive. We used to have a cactus. The cat ate it.* R kept an orchid for a year or so, but I haven’t seen it lately. And so on. We would love to get a lime or clementine tree, but why invest in something that will probably never bear fruit? Having a tomato plant or two would save us $$$ in the long-run, but again, why bother? So here we are, with our grand adult experiment #1: keeping a garden pot alive. Cross your fingers.
*Yes I tried cat grass and it made a very pretty centerpiece for a while. He ignored it completely.