The Most Pretentious Cocktail We’ve Ever Made

Otherwise known as, The Name of the Rose (the most pretentious book title we could think of).


2nd Annual St George’s Day Party

This week R and I are hosting our 2nd Annual St George’s Day party. St George is the patron saint of England, but also one of the more widely known and venerated saints.  In Catalonia, St George’s Day (April 23) is celebrated by exchanging books and red roses. As book lovers in constant need of cleaning off the shelves, throwing a springtime book-themed party naturally appeals to us, and thus the St George’s Day party was born (but apparently not written about… oops!)

Because of the timing of Passover and spring breaks, holding the party closer to the actual saint’s day didn’t make sense this year, but in reality the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Due to the repeated polar vortexes, the DC cherry blossoms have been delayed, so that they are expected to peak this week. We’ve already created a few flower cocktails, so adding a cherry blossom cocktail and presenting them together works. We’re also making a more concerted effort at menu planning meaning I’m attempting several new recipes and revamping a few old ones. More details to come!

Original Cocktail: The White Iris


Not my picture, and more purple than my inspiration.

R already posted the recipe, but I’m quite proud of this, as it is the first (only) cocktail whose flavors I brainstormed entirely on my own (R is the only one of us with the patience for measuring alcohol, so she worked out the proportions). In addition to capturing the coloring (eventually (ie, when we get around to buying some), we’ll add a drizzle of creme de violette), I wanted a concoction that was floral, silky, and delicate. I think the cream soda captures the nature of am iris well – fragile, surprisingly but not overpoweringly assertive – and the lavender is a wonderful compliment to the vanilla.

Serving note: We like to serve these in the public old-fashioned glasses by C&B – they capture the nose of the cocktail well, provide ample viewing of the subtle swirling layers, and they’re just awesomely pretty.

I’m back!

Oh, hi! We have a blog.

You might have been wondering where we’ve been during these last few months. M has posted intermittently while yelling at me to UPDATE THE BLOG. But this has not happened for a few ridiculous reasons. I suppose the best way to sum it up is My Job Ate My Life. I will spare you the details, since a cooking blog is no place to vent one’s work-related frustrations, but basically I have not had that much time to cook or write over the last few months.

I am now (gloriously! joyously! Oh happy day) nearing the end of my first year of teaching, and during the last few months, I have managed to eek out a few posts that were never finished or edited and have thus sat in a Word document on my desk top. Why did I not just finish these and publish them? It’s anybody’s guess. Some of them are horribly outdated, like the one written during the two glorious days at home during Hurricane Sandy. Regardless, I am finally taking the initiative and finishing them, and will post them over the next few weeks as Archives That Are Not Actually Archives.

In the meantime, you should make this lovely grown-up version of a cream soda, invented by M, on a glorious, marvelous spring evening:

The White Iris

Combine first three ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake jauntily until frost appears on the outside of the shaker. Top with sparkling water. Sip. Grin. Repeat.

More coming soon.

Work Avoidance

M: So I may have picked out $250 worth of gin from various online retailers….. Please note that I have not actually purchased these items. Yet.
R: One. We only need one. Preferably a floral one.
R: One.
M: But they’re all soooo pretty……