In the summer of 2012, we both decided to stop living like grad students: move in completely, fix up the kitchen, and enjoy adulthood.

The change had come gradually – we had been living in our apartment for 3 years already, we had both recently been hired for real jobs with (real) salaries, and we had somehow amassed quite a bit of real kitchen equipment, that, while not exactly going to waste, was definitely under-utilized.  R had made some drastic dietary changes, to great affect, and M had been experimenting with eating more frugally and better (even going so far as to comparison-shop groceries).  And while the bloom was probably off the rose of the internet, but by no means withered or dead, we decided to blog it.

And thus, 2 Taste was born.

2 Taste is:

R – a raw-foods vegetarian, belly-dance instructing, newly-minted english teacher at a high school possibly near you.  She learned to cook about 2 years ago, which is a funny series of stories.

M – a (mostly) kashrut observant Jew with a far less interesting job title who loves baking but is blase about cooking.  She learned to cook a much longer time ago, and so has forgotten many of her early cooking stories, but has a good many for those of others.

Sebastian Bartholemew (Basie), AKA: Cat, Creature, B*astard.


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