Food Books

It may have come to some of your attentions that Apt. 2 has a bit of a book obsession. Actually, ‘bit’ is an understatement. We have 14 bookcases of varying sizes, mostly full, housed in under 1000 sq. ft. (I’m not sure how many books we actually have, but, it’s a lot). Despite the fact that we will run out of space to put any more bookcases sooner rather than later, we continue to read and acquire books (the two, as anyone who is a fan of Nick Hornby, or books, knows, not necessarily being related). As luck would have it, a few of these are food-related – cookbooks, essays, treatises – and we thought we would share the list, to be updated with actual reviews at some point in time. And yes, we do actually read cookbooks thru, on occasion. Continue reading