So…. it’s been a while. First R had the job that ate her life, and now I have (still do, actually). ┬áBut it is a new year and that means (re)committing to food and writing!

The past several months have held some interesting culinary adventures. First, there was the experiment with protein supplements, and developing gluten free bran muffins for my sister, a personal trainer and fitness competitor. Then there was the 2 week trip to China, which I’ll write about in another post. There’s been the post-China food withdrawal, and attempting to eat everything under the sun with chopsticks (fettucine alfredo defeated me). There’s been several heartaches, including some break-ups, some surgeries, and a death. Most recently there’s been 2 ‘polar vortexes’ with accompanying snow days and thus soup and grilled cheese. Plus the usual work/life imbalance, and it’s been busy, and generally food filled (gotta eat!) but not necessarily cooking filled. But for both R and I, cooking both contributes to the imbalance and helps set it right. We need to eat, but we also need to feed people. When we’re not eating, we’re thinking about eating, or thinking about feeding people, or actually feeding people. We just haven’t been as good about writing about it.