New Favorite Recipes

One of my goals for this year was to try 2-3 new recipes each month. In the case of baked goods, I’ve followed the recipes almost exactly. In cooking, I was inspired by the recipes, but probably didn’t even look at the recipe while in production, so those recipes are liberally altered and to taste.

Smitten Kitchen Everything Crackers

It is truly astounding how many people are impressed by the fact that I make my own crackers, given that crackers are quite possibly the easiest thing in the world to bake. These won’t be the perfectly uniform and perfectly breakable crackers you get in the store (and sometimes even need a bit of chewing if it’s a thick one), but I think that makes them that much more charming.

The only thing I tweaked about this recipe was the use of all-purpose flour, based on the some of the comments. I didn’t want to go out to the store that day, and all-purpose was what I had. I topped the crackers with fresh-pressed garlic, black and regular sesame seeds and poppy seeds. Next time, I’ll probably add some flaked salt, and possibly adjust the baking time, because the garlic burnt.

[Edit: 6.18.13] I made the crackers again on Sunday, this time with flaked salt, garlic powder (instead of fresh garlic) and dried onions. The garlic powder is over-browned in a few places, but not as burnt as the fresh garlic was. I also think the garlic powder will keep longer since it doesn’t have oils to go rancid, but keeping these crackers around long enough to go bad won’t be a problem. I also varied the width of the crackers this time, which makes it more interesting for cheese. Having perfected the toppings, I think I want to start changing up the flour to see how that influences the flavors.

How Sweet It Is Cast-Iron Skillet Pizza

This recipe is still a problem for me: I cannot for the life of me manage to get the pizza neatly into the preheated pan, no matter how well-floured the dough is, or even using a cast-iron griddle and a pizza peel. Next step will likely be parchment paper, which feels like defeat, but I’m a little tired of somewhat underdone pizza (not that it’s not delicious). The first time I made the pizza, I swapped out the bacon for an incredible smoked cheddar, pan-roasted the brussels sprouts with onions, and layered in slices of apple. It was incredible. The second time, I don’t remember what I put on it, but it was equally good. I’ve discovered a cider that works perfectly with this pizza as well – The Saint, by Crispin. It’s yeasty instead of sweet, and fairly light and goes well with the smokiness and dough of the pizza.

The Kitchn Spicy Glass Noodles with Crispy Pork

I used bison instead of pork, and accidentally bought rice vermicelli instead of glass noodles. I cooked the meat half way in combination of TJ Sweet Chili sauce and Guoza dipping sauce, then added savoy cabbage and rapini. Rapini especially needs some extra cooking time to release it’s bitterness (and possibly more salt than I would ever add). Once cooked, I tossed liberally with the noodles, herbs and peanuts.  The next day I attempted to wrap some of it up in a spring roll wrapper, but didn’t get the get the wrapper soft enough so gave up. I have plans to try again, however, this time with actual glass noodles.


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