Mystery Solved

You’re Doing It Wrong: Jam (Slate)

Jam’s reputation for being difficult is mysterious. Is it fussy and time-consuming to preserve jam in shelf-stable jars? Sure. (To be fair, it’s also exciting! The risk of botulism and other dangerous bacteria makes home-canning feel as dangerous as Tipper Gore thought Prince’s “Darling Nikki” was.)


Original Cocktail: The White Iris


Not my picture, and more purple than my inspiration.

R already posted the recipe, but I’m quite proud of this, as it is the first (only) cocktail whose flavors I brainstormed entirely on my own (R is the only one of us with the patience for measuring alcohol, so she worked out the proportions). In addition to capturing the coloring (eventually (ie, when we get around to buying some), we’ll add a drizzle of creme de violette), I wanted a concoction that was floral, silky, and delicate. I think the cream soda captures the nature of am iris well – fragile, surprisingly but not overpoweringly assertive – and the lavender is a wonderful compliment to the vanilla.

Serving note: We like to serve these in the public old-fashioned glasses by C&B – they capture the nose of the cocktail well, provide ample viewing of the subtle swirling layers, and they’re just awesomely pretty.

Garlicky White Pizza with Zucchini and Squash Blossoms + Hot.


We have finally come to that time of year in the swampy DC area when most of us choose to subsist on salads, cold sandwiches, and icy, boozy beverages to distract ourselves from the fact that many of us don’t have access to a swimming pool. And then some of us decide, after our air conditioning breaks for the umpteenth time in our tiny top floor apartment in a poorly insulated building, that we absolutely, right now, this instant, must try out an original pizza recipe.

For which we must turn on the oven.  Continue reading