Garden Pot Watch, Day 0

R: “I bought something exciting!”
M: “Did you buy a plant?!”
R: “I bought a garden pot! It has [list of delicious herbs]!”
M: “Does it come with instructions?”
R: “No, but she [the seller at the farmer’s market] said I should [vague list of instructions].”
M: “I’ll call my mom.”
R: “Good idea.”

And thus began Garden Pot Watch 2012. To say the denizens of Apt 2 have a complicated relationship with plants would perhaps be overly positive. We used to have a cactus. The cat ate it.* R kept an orchid for a year or so, but I haven’t seen it lately. And so on. We would love to get a lime or clementine tree, but why invest in something that will probably never bear fruit? Having a tomato plant or two would save us $$$ in the long-run, but again, why bother? So here we are, with our grand adult experiment #1: keeping a garden pot alive. Cross your fingers.
*Yes I tried cat grass and it made a very pretty centerpiece for a while. He ignored it completely.


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