Garden Pot Watch, Week 1

It’s still there!  Rather water-logged after the continual rain we’ve been getting, but still there.  R just snipped some rosemary for some drink that involved gin and watermelon (YES!) and I’ve been bringing in basil leaves just to crush them between my fingers.  Maybe one of these days we’ll remember to take a picture when it’s sunny.


Tomates a la Creme

I spent most of my life not liking tomatoes.  If forced to, I would eat them in BLTs, but I much preferred the BL part of the sandwich.  I would occasionally snack on grape tomatoes, but it wasn’t until last year, when I decided I would actually cook all those [darn] recipes I’d been saving that I finally started liking tomatoes, or at least grape and Roma tomatoes.  This is one of my two favorite tomato recipes. Continue reading

Greetings + Deep-Fried Squash Blossoms

Hello, fellow culinary enthusiasts! I’m R, the other half of the bloggerific domestic duo known to you as TwoTaste. As M has mentioned, I’m a vegetarian currently experimenting with a raw food lifestyle which I’ve recently adopted due to a probably temporary health kick. I love summer fruit, raw nut butters, any and all incarnations of dark leafy greens, and vegetable juices.

Let’s deep-fry some cheese.

If you haven’t read Frances Mayes’ Under the Tuscan Sun* yet, I suggest you do so immediately, if not sooner. I was in the middle of a seemingly futile search for a full-time teaching position while I was reading it and immediately began applying to every teaching job that was even remotely connected to my subject area at every international school in Italy. I am now locally employed (yay!) and the dream of living and teaching abroad has been put on hold indefinitely, but for now, I will content myself with the two full chapters of recipes that Ms. Mayes has thoughtfully included for those of us without a summer home in Tuscany. Continue reading

Garden Pot Watch, Day 0

R: “I bought something exciting!”
M: “Did you buy a plant?!”
R: “I bought a garden pot! It has [list of delicious herbs]!”
M: “Does it come with instructions?”
R: “No, but she [the seller at the farmer’s market] said I should [vague list of instructions].”
M: “I’ll call my mom.”
R: “Good idea.”

And thus began Garden Pot Watch 2012. To say the denizens of Apt 2 have a complicated relationship with plants would perhaps be overly positive. We used to have a cactus. The cat ate it.* R kept an orchid for a year or so, but I haven’t seen it lately. And so on. We would love to get a lime or clementine tree, but why invest in something that will probably never bear fruit? Having a tomato plant or two would save us $$$ in the long-run, but again, why bother? So here we are, with our grand adult experiment #1: keeping a garden pot alive. Cross your fingers.
*Yes I tried cat grass and it made a very pretty centerpiece for a while. He ignored it completely.

Trying Out Party Invitations

Is there a way to supersaturate the air?  August always seems leached of its color, but here we are, planning our 29th birthdays party, and wondering how to ignite the color spectrum and capture it in a glass.  That’s right, the theme of this party will be ‘From Garden to Glass’, inspired by a recent Food & Wine slideshow of cocktails, many of which will be served at the party.  We’ll also celebrate R’s raw-food experimentation with minimally processed yet lavish amuse bouche.  Hopefully we’ll have pictures.